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The mistakes of company distributors and agencies in service offers are analysed as being objective or consumers are assisted in order to prevent their damnification, the investigation results performed in order to prevent the suffering of the company are detected with concrete evidences in reports.

Comparison and measurement of periodical supervision according to objectives and targets, performance and quality standards determined in franchise agreement and evaluation of these depending upon evidences in order to lead its quality and invariability to become reliable and consistent is only possible with Professional investigation and supervision system.

The internal audit: It is the supervision performed in order to determine whether the rules specified in the franchise agreement are obeyed or not, prevention of the failures detected, designation of risks and spareness and taking precautions.

The external audit: Investigation of commercial activities of distributors or agencies in terms of region and evaluation of the results.

Financial aspects of the research-to-date analysis of financial condition in terms of the contract to be complied with the provisions and to take measures according to the results of research studies are carried out in order to avoid possible damage.

Moral and legal basis for the research of all kinds of customers within the required accuracy in accordance with the legal status of persons / legal entities and corporations in business disputes and solving problems arising in the following areas of research is performed professionally.

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