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Department of Commercial Law

n  Investigation of the stages of  fake production of branded goods from production stage to stores, detection of infringements and catch in the act with concrete evidence,

n  Investigation and folloing of fake documents and papers,

n  Investigation about commercial disputes and collect concrete evidence,

n  To perform general or local market investigation about commercial investments in order to provide reliable and serious decisions to be taken,

n  Investigation of forma lor informal commercial partnerships, detection of irregularity,

n  Performance of necessary investigation and detection about fraudulent bankruptcy and industrial espionage.

Department of Business Law:

n  Preparation of current financial status analysis and investigation of distributors and agencies in financial aspects,

n  To take precautions according to the results of the investigation to be performed whether the provisions of the contract are obeyed or not,

n  Investigation of the realities about manipulative conditions and the issues claimed as plea,

n  Investigation of the situations of the employees during the employment and promotion,

n  To provide security consultancy service,

n  To investigate whether distributors, agencies and branches in relation with all kinds of commercial companies obey the articles and provisions determined in the contract or not,

     Department of the Law of Obligations:

n  Investigation and detection of  the content of movable property and real estate properties together with claims in the third persons of debitors pursued in Executive bankruptcy offices.

      Department of Insurance Law:

n  Accident research and validation of an accident report,

n  Investigation of fraudulent transactions and fraud,

n  Investigation of scene of accident and collection of concrete evidence,

n  Investigation of lost or stolen vehicles.

      Department of Civil Law:

n  Investigation of “Misconducts destroying the union of the family” in divorce suits passed to the court,

n  Fulfilment of personal information demands providing that be suitable for the problems arising due to inheritance, child custody, guardianship institutions legal cases in legislation in force,

n  Performance of investigation in order to protect the youngsters from dangers for drug or sexual abuse and take precautions against these.

Judicial Department of Law:

n  Investigation of missing people and goods,

n  Investigation of murder by unknown assailants,

n  Investigation of missing or stolen goods,

n  Collection of evidence for various suits.

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